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Movie Review - The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts

The media depiction of celebrities (entertainers, athletes, etc.) dealing with substance abuse issues and going through “rehab” has certainly become fairly commonplace. One might even say that a “cottage industry” has developed around the topic, feeding “real” and “entertainment” news outlets, reality shows, television, movies and books. I have found many such presentations to be sensationalistic, unrealistic and not infrequently, exploitative. For those of us who treat people who have substance abuse disorders, media representations are often “cringe-worthy.” (Lewis, 2014)

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Understanding What the Fan Really Wants

In my previous articles (“Why Wrestling?”; “Sports and Entertainment – and More…”) I introduced some of my views and ideas regarding the psychological aspects of Professional Wrestling. Click here to Download the outline for the outline of seminars presented at 2011 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion, with comments upon my talk offered by professional wrestling Immortals Ted DiBiase, Sr. and J.J. Dillon.

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Movie Review - for APA PsycCritiques - “Carrie” (2014)

The best horror movies go well beyond providing chills and thrills or even subtly exploring real repressed fears and anxiety. Although typically marketed for a teenage or young adult audience who are mostly likely to enjoy the experience of being scared and shocked by often over-the-top violent fantasy, the genre has been used to convey strong messages regarding social and/or political events or the human condition. Whether intentionally or unconsciously embedded in the work, horror movies can be the vehicle for expression of views ranging from the politically correct to subversive. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Wanger & Siegel, 1956) is often considered the prototype of the politically oriented horror film; on the surface, an innocuous tale of terror, but the subtext was a severe criticism and warning regarding McCarthyism. At the same time, many feel that the 1978 remake (Solo & Kaufman, 1978) took the same issues in a notably different direction, reflecting the contemporaneous sociopolitical landscape, quite different from the milieu of the 1950s.

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Professional wrestling should not be expected to be “politically correct” nor should it be PC.  The aim of professional wrestling is to entertain the audience; the goal of wrestling promotions is to be profitable; presenting non-PC “story-lines” is one of the draws that, for better or worse, serve both of those purposes.

Nonetheless, many wrestling promotions, large and small, have endeavored to be socially responsible outside of the squared circle – holding benefit programs, supporting the Armed Forces, WWE’s recent anti-bullying PSA’s, etc.

Wrestlemania 28, April 1, 2012 will highlight a match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho, fighting for the self-proclaimed title of “The Best Wrestler in the World.”  There is no argument from this quarter that if not the best, these two men are truly among the few very best “at what they do.”

Read the rest of the article here - WRESTLMANIA 28 – NON-PC, BUT SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE?


“CHAD DEITY” – Professional Wrestling is Real Life

David M. Reiss, M.D. 

Written by Kristoffer Diaz
Directed by Edward Torres
Currently being performed at The Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles,through October 9, 2011
Kristoffer Diaz – biographical data:

An actor portraying a fictional pro wrestler is Real Life??? The voices of characters in Pulitzer Prize finalist “The Elaborate Entrance of CHAD DEITY” by Kristoffer Diaz the drama, pathos, humor, and conflict of life powerfully and effectively.  “Chad Deity” is a story about professional wrestling.  There is not one character in the show who is not “in the industry.”   Yet the story affects every one of us, wrestling fan or not, regardless of identity or social position; as timely  as headlines scrolling by right now on the Internet pertaining to politics, racism, business and the economy, and personal integrity.

Read the rest of the article on Chad Deity here.


Inter-generational Competition

The Emotional Impact of Wrestling Storylines Mirroring Contemporary Social Issues

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Mesmer, Freud, The Amazing Polgar – and Pay-Per-Views

The Contribution of Hypnotism to the Art and Science of Contemporary Professional Wrestling

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